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Broken window, garage door, fire, wind damage, or ANY damage to your structure that cannot be repaired immediately will need to be boarded up for the safety of those around as well as the security of your belongings. Call us today for board up in San Diego. This is not an easy task and Flood Management Services (FMS) is ready to assist. No matter the time, day or night, we are ready to assist you with boarding up your property. Fire damage, automobile accident, wind damage; no matter the reason we respond on your behalf to secure the structure and work with you to repair the structure as needed.

Without prompt action, vandalism, structural deterioration, fungus mold spore growth, permeating odors and unrepairable situations can increase geometrically. Flood Management Services will handle your loss with a coordinated program designed to mitigate the loss and prevent further damage. Emergency board-up services in these situations are critical for home and business owners faced with severe damage.

Some of the steps taken on a board up San Diego are:

  • FMS representative meets city Representative or Client on site to review requirements and needs.
  • Representative or Client will sign a work authorization.
  • FMS will collect any additional information if needed at this time.
  • FMS will set the necessary barriers to “safe-off” the area.
  • FMS will take measurements of doors and windows.
  • FMS will install boards and barriers on the doors, windows, and openings.
  • Install tarps on roofing as necessary, etc. for further protection from the elements.
  • Inspection to assess the damage will take place as soon as the area is “released” by the proper authorities.

board up san diegoOur primary goal at Flood Management Services is to meet your needs timely and efficiently while providing you with the very best customer service in our industry.

We also offer specialized pricing to our clientele paying for the loss in-house, as well as industry standard pricing as dictated by insurance companies worldwide. Our estimating staff utilizes the most up to date software mandated by the insurance industry and works with you or your insurance company to facilitate to best possible solution to an already stressful situation. Your happiness is our success, and we strive for a 100% success rate when it comes to board up San Diego .

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