Flood Management Services is a professional water damage restoration company focusing on flood damage repair in El Centro. We specialize in assisting residential and commercial property owners whenever their homes or businesses have suffered water damage due to flooding. Our restoration specialists have the proper training and equipment to safely, quickly, and efficiently restore flood-damaged properties. If you have experienced flood damage in El Centro, call us today for 24/7 services! (760) 909-3214

Learn More About Flood Damage El Centro, CA

flood damage el centroThe leading causes of property flooding include heavy rain, roof leaks, aging water pipes, and leaky appliances. Your first priority should be stopping the cause of the flooding so that more water doesn’t accumulate on your property. If it is due to bad weather, do everything possible to minimize the damage as you wait out the storm. Otherwise, contact a plumber and get your appliances or plumbing repaired immediately.

We offer a 7-Step Flood Damage Restoration Plan

Flood damage restoration aims to save your property before your internal structure suffers permanent damage. Therefore, it is crucial to contact Flood Management Services as soon as possible to mitigate the damage. Our water restoration services involve a comprehensive planning and execution process.

Here are the seven steps of our process:

1) Floor Damage Consultation

Our flood damage specialists will come to your property and evaluate the extent of water and mold damage caused by the flooding. In addition, we will use sophisticated equipment to measure the amount of humidity, water, and mold in various areas of your property, including in the rooms and behind the walls.

We can present you with an estimated price quote for removing the humidity, water, and mold from your property based on our findings.

2) Create a Custom Water Restoration Plan

If you accept the estimated price quote, we’ll begin working on a custom water restoration plan for restoring your property to normal. The plan factors in the work needed to remove all the water, humidity, and mold from your property while minimizing the amount of property loss.

3) Water Extraction

Our specialists will utilize advanced water extraction tools and machines to remove floodwater from all the affected areas of your property. Water removal is crucial in preventing any further damage from getting inflicted.

4) Dehumidification

flood damage repair el centro caA commercial-grade dehumidifier will be set up to remove excess humidity from your property caused by the flooding. Dehumidification is the best way to prevent mold growth.

Mold can cause further damage to furniture, drywall, flooring, ceilings, and other areas made of organic material. Since mold thrives on moisture, removing humidity and moisture from the air is the best way to prevent mold from spreading throughout your property.

5) Mold Remediation

Flood Management Services has an exceptional team of mold remediation technicians trained and experienced in mold removal. We can remove toxic mold from all flood-damaged areas of your property and restore them to a safe and healthy condition.

6) Repairs

We have general contractors on staff who can make standard repairs to damaged floors, walls, and ceilings if they are salvageable. But if there are areas that need replacement, we can assist you with the replacement work too.

7) Guidance

If your property requires long-term reconstruction or restoration, our contractors can guide you through the process. We’ll explain what needs replacement or repair to restore your property as close to normal as possible.

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