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One of the services FMS offers is the use of a thermal imaging system for those hard-to-understand water losses. If you need thermal imaging services in San Diego, give us a call today! The “smart water” is often too difficult to trace with conventional methods. Using infrared technology, Flood Management Services can locate many hidden affected areas and avoid the unnecessary future growth of microbial contaminants. This service provides a written Thermal Imaging report with photographs of the areas inspected for your future reference. Many times, this can be the verifiable difference needed to assist your insurance adjuster in making proper decisions on your behalf.

Once the areas are located, we deploy state of the art drying equipment fully capable of drying your structure and materials within the shortest possible timeframe. When necessary we can remove damaged materials and have the affected areas rebuilt immediately following the dry out and clean up phase.

thermal imaging san diegoOur primary goal at Flood Management Services is to meet your needs timely and efficiently while providing you with the very best customer service in our industry.

We also offer specialized pricing to our clientele paying for the loss in-house, as well as industry standard pricing as dictated by insurance companies worldwide. Our estimating staff utilizes the most up to date software mandated by the insurance industry and works with you or your insurance company to facilitate to best possible solution to an already stressful situation. Your happiness is our success, and we strive for a 100% success rate when it comes to our thermal imaging services in San Diego.

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