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Whether it is clean water or dirty water (sewage), proper documentation and evaluation is vital when it comes to flood leak remediation in San Diego. Throughout the job, Flood Management Services (FMS) will be looking for several things:

  1. Evidence of moisture intrusion
  2. Evidence of current wet surfaces
  3. Areas with a potential for future mold growth
  4. Other anomalies that could contribute to poor indoor air quality or living conditions
  5. The age of the original construction of the building to determine the need for lead and/or asbestos pre-testing per state and federal laws

In addition to visual assessment, a moisture meter, thermal Hygrometer, and other instruments such as a thermal imaging camera may be used to assess the moisture content of building materials. It is imperative that a qualified professional is used to assess and repair any issues of this nature.

The removal of contaminated materials should only be performed by a certified remediation professional. Inadequate equipment and poor techniques can lead to increased levels of contamination and possible future mold growth throughout the property, possibly causing negative health effects and spreading to uncontaminated areas. The determination of “class” and “category” of water loss in accordance with the Institute of Inspection Cleaning & Restoration Certification is a vital part of this assessment and will be used to determine the proper methodology for proper clean up.

Emergency Flood Leak Remediation San Diego

Emergency restoration services are critical for home and business owners faced with severe damage. Without prompt action, vandalism, structural deterioration, fungus spore growth and permeating odors can increase geometrically. Flood Management Services handles damage with a coordinated program designed to remove water and prevent further damage. We first contact the homeowner, business owner, or other appropriate personnel to arrange for immediate inspection of the damaged areas. Trained restoration specialists visit the site and assess needs. FMS removes all standing water with wet vacuums and pumps and dries all surfaces.

Interior walls and sub floors are then dried using high-volume air movers to circulate air at high rates of speed. Carpets and padding are pulled up and salvaged wherever possible. Floors are dried completely, and any necessary repair work is performed. Important documents, works of art, furniture, draperies, computers, appliances, and electronic equipment are thoroughly dried and brought back to pre-loss conditions whenever possible.

Professionals trained in the latest techniques will dehumidify the premises to remove airborne particles, mildew, mold, and odor caused by excessive moisture. Finally, the site is decontaminated and disinfected to kill bacteria resulting from organic waste with specially formulated antimicrobial solutions.

flood leak remediation san diegoOur primary goal at Flood Management Services is to meet your needs timely and efficiently while providing you with the very best customer service in our industry.

We also offer specialized pricing to our clientele paying for the loss in-house, as well as industry standard pricing as dictated by insurance companies worldwide. Our estimating staff utilizes the most up to date software mandated by the insurance industry and works with you or your insurance company to facilitate to best possible solution to an already stressful situation. Your happiness is our success, and we strive for a 100% success rate when it comes to flood leak remediation in San Diego!

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